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eVegah is an Indian company formed with a passionate team working towards creating a concrete social influence.

To address climate change, and make our Indian cities more livable and healthier, eVegah committed to revolutionizing urban transportation toward a shared, electric, and carbon-free, green future. The team eVegah has an accelerated approach to make a remarkable difference in the lives of Indian communities by giving them an affordable yet safer alternative to transport by reducing traffic congestion and cutting pollution levels in the environment.

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eVegah connects riders to the people and places that matter most, bringing our Indian cities together and empowering better urban living. Our drive to lead micro-mobility into the future puts eVegah on the cutting edge of clean, accessible urban transportation. We invite locally and partner with neighbourhood organizations to cultivate community growth and improve urban living.
We believe in transparency and accountability and strive to deliver the best customer experience every day.